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Name:janet van dyne | the wasp
Birthdate:Jan 9

Janet Van Dyne is a wealthy girl from northern New Jersey and the daughter of renowned scientist Vernon Van Dyne. Due to his extensive work in biochemistry, the Van Dynes became very wealthy and Jan grew up in the lap of high class suburban luxury. Vernon had been in Manhattan during the alien attack and was one of many casualties. Broken hearted and angered by her father's unjust killing, Janet sought the help of his coworker, Dr. Henry Pym, and underwent a process involving his Pym Particles that allows her to shrink in size and grow wings. He also gave her wrist devices that emitted blasts she likened to wasp stings. And thusly, Janet Van Dyne became The Wasp.

Janet and Hank worked together as she helped managed his affairs and offered financial support while he did his research. It was her idea that they should use their abilities to do good in the world, which lead them to S.H.I.E.L.D., becoming members of The Avengers.

Largely based on on Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, but altered slightly and outfitted to work into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She is not romantically tied to Hank or anyone else and no relationship will be assumed without confirmation from the other writer. Writer and character are of legal age. Her lovely face is borrowed from Jennifer Bowles. (gifs by kingofsummer)
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